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Living RAW

Welcome to my raw food blog! Here i want to share with you my raw vegan lifestyle, want to show you how we live, how we eat, hope to inspire, motivate & inform you about the raw vegan lifestyle! I will tell you about my own ideas & experiences and also will share information i found to be helpful when going raw.

me180I have been eating raw vegan since April 2006 & I am sure to have found my ideal way to eat & live. Never again i want to miss this enjoyment, this energy, this glorious feeling of being in harmony with nature! I have not missed cooked food for a second & i am really happy & grateful for this. Especially as i know that transitioning to a raw food diet can be really difficult for some people. All the more i hope that my posts here will help you, motivate and support you if you are interested in or just transitioning to a raw vegan diet.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here or send me an email – i will be happy to help!

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