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Raw food – lesson 1

Raw food – what does this mean?

A raw vegan diet – also known as living food – is composed of fruit, vegetables, seeds/nuts and green leaves/wild herbs, sprouts and algaes. All these are eaten raw, i. e. not heated to more than 42° C.
Food which is heated to more than 42°C is not alive anymore as it is losing enzymes and nutrients. Cooked food provokes the same symptoms in your body as inflammatory processes. This is called leukocytosis = increase of the white blood cells. Some cooked food even directly damages your body like e. g. carcinogens that are generated by cooking meat, or refined sugar which can cause diabetes.

Processed food containing chemicals, flavor additives, preservatives etc. are poisonous for your body and should not be a part of human’s diet.

Raw uncooked food however provides your body with lots of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. By eating raw you automatically avoid all the dangerous additives.

There are some packed processed products that can be used in the raw food kitchen. As long as they have not been heated to more than 42°C. In fact they are not necessary for your diet and you should only use them in very small quantities! There are cold pressed oils, dried fruit, nuts & seeds (assumed that they have been dried at low temperatures of less than 43°C) and fermented food like miso or sauerkraut. Furthermore, raw vinegar, raw agave nectar, raw soya sauce and, of course, all these raw fruit bars, chocolate bars, cracker etc. can be consumed while eating a raw diet (although i don’t recommend to eat them in big quantities).

Obviously, living a raw vegan lifestyle does not mean to eat nothing else then lettuce and carrots. There is an abundance of fruit, green leaves, vegetables, nuts & seeds – you’ll never get bored! Moreover, even without heating your food you can make thousands of recipes. Cakes, bread, pizza, lasagne etc. – everything you may miss from your previous cooked diet can be prepared in a raw version. You will find recipes in books, in the net and in my ebooks (which you can order here).

Some of the effects of transitioning to a raw vegan diet

  • Increased energy
  • Soft & clear skin
  • Improved digestion
  • Losing weight
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer (and all other lifestyle diseases)
  • Cure yourself from atopic eczemas, allergies, asthma, rheumatism/arthritis, migraine, …

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