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Golden Milk. Or: Autumnal Balance

Autumn has come. Trees are wearing their most colourful leaves … letting them go one by one. They know, they can only grow if they take time to rest.

Each year in autumn, i come back to Ayurveda, to my favourite spices – and to one of my favourite recipes: Golden milk. Also known as kurkuma milk or kurkuma latte. You can find lots of recipes for golden milk, vegan and non-vegan. Today i want to share mine with you. Raw, vegan, golden milk.

Before telling you how to prepare it, i want to share some thoughts about autumn and why especially this time of the year is disequilibrating me (and maybe you, too) so much.

While the only response of western medicine to the change of seasons consists in their suggestion to get a flu shot (which i definitely would not recommend!), eastern healers, both the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ayurveda (the traditional indian medicine), know that during the change of seasons we are supposed to take particular care for ourself, our body.

TCM recommends to eat during these times mainly from foods that are assigned to the element earth and have a neutral or slightly warming thermic effect. I. e., food that grounds you, calms you, nourishes your body.

In Ayurveda, everything has a Dosha. Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Autumn is dominated by Vata, which is connected to the elements of air and space, bringing wind, motion, aridity and coooling-down. This tends to disequilibrate Vata. Even if your main dosha is Pitta or Kapha you may feel this effect, but obviously people with Vata dosha are especially prone to suffer from a Vata imbalance.

The best way to meet this is warmth, rest, humidity. Relating to your diet this means: sweet, sour and salty food. (Remember: we are talking about natural food here.) Food that warms and moisturizes your body. Nothing cooling-down like ice-cream, tomatoes or melons. Use warming spices and herbs like ginger, garlic, basil. A bit more fat than in summer.

The main point to focus upon, like every time and in every situation, is awareness. Mindfulness. Listen to yourself, to your body, to what he is telling you. Take care for your needs. Besides the careful choice of your food, this means getting enough rest, reducing stress, moving your body, fresh air and, last but not least: warmth, loving contacts and touches.

One wellknown Ayurveda recipe, which is perfect for this time of the year, is the above mentioned golden milk. Kurkuma milk. Originally neither raw nor vegan, i created my own version, enjoying it almost every day at this time of the year. I want to share two recipes with you, golden milk and green-golden milk. Both are warming, nourishing, moisturizing and harmonizing … and incredibly yummy. 馃檪

Recipes for golden and green-golden raw vegan milk

Raw vegan golden milk

You will need:
– 1/2 cup chufa milk
– 1 ripe banana
– 1/2 tsp curcuma (turmeric) powder
– 1/4 tsp ginger powder
– 1/4 tsp cinnamon
– 1 dash of cardamom and nutmeg, each
– 1 tiny dash of black pepper

Put all ingredients in your Vitamix and blend about 30 seconds.

Green-golden milk

You will need:
– 1 small ripe banana
– 1-2 handful goutweed
– 1-2 handful lamb’s lettuce
– 1 Tsp dried (or 1 small handful fresh) stevia leaves
– 1 cup water
– 1/2 tsp curcuma (turmeric) powder
– 1/4 tsp ginger powder
– 1/4 tsp cinnamon
– 1 dash of cardamom and nutmeg, each
– 1 tiny dash black pepper

Put all ingredients in your Vitamix and blend until smooth.

Compared to other green smoothies, made from lots of greens and lots of fruit, which i never got along with well, this smoothie made from lots of greens and water, only a little fruit and the spices works very well for me.

All spices mentioned balanca Vata. Some, like pepper or nutmeg, unbalance Pitta. Experiment for yourself and leave out spices that may be to warm for you.

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Breakfast recipe: Granola with Almond Milk

I love to create raw meals for my growing up daughter. It was easier when she was younger, but yeah, i enjoy the challenge 馃槈

These breakfast ideas hit the spot:

Do you want to try it? Here is the recipe:

For the granola, you need the following (you will get enough granola for a week or so, depends on how much you eat, of course 馃槈 … i filled a 1-litre-glas with it. )

  • 1 cup of fresh sprouted buckwheat
  • 1 cup of sunflower seeds, soaked over night
  • 1/2 cup of almonds, soaked over night
  • 1 cup hokkaido pumpkin, in not-to-small cubes
  • 5 fresh dates (pitted)
  • 1 apple
  • 5 deglet dates, pitted
  • 1 tsp raw carob powder
  • 1 dash of cinnamon

How to prepare:

Drain the seeds and almonds, chop the almonds and put seeds, almonds and buckwheat sprouts in a big bowl. Put aside.

Place the pumpkin, dates, chopped apple, carob and cinnamon in your Vitamix and process until smooth. This works best if you start with the pumpkin: have your Vitamix work on middle speed (4-5), with the lid closed but feed opening opened. Put the pumpkin cubes in one after another, so they will be grated. Then, turn the Vitamix off, add the other ingredients and process until smooth.

Add the mixture to the seeds and sprouts in the bowl and mix well. Spread on a parchment paper lined dehydrator tray and dehydrate for at least 10 hours.

When dry, break into pieces and store in a jar. You can keep it for several days or maybe weeks (have not tried), but the earlier you eat it, the better it is. 馃檪

Serve with fruit, berries and homemade raw almond milk.

Find more raw, delicious, simple to prepare recipes in my ebook “Savory & sweet” … more to come soon.

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There are moments in life when deciding to be happy is easy. And others when it is more challenging. To focus on joy, beauty, love. To embrace challenges in the outer world in gratitude and calm. Without judging, without letting them pull you down.

To embrace and simply feel uncomfortable emotions rising up in me, for whatever reason. Without letting them disequilibrate me.

It’s already a lifelong everyday challenge for me (being vata) to keep my balance ;).

There are always two solutions for those challenges in the outer world. Moaning isn’t one of them 馃槈 You either change the situation or you change your perception.

Your perception is also crucial to deal with your inner challenges – and finally all of them have their roots within you, as you will go on attracting those experiences in your outer life that will help you to see and resolve whatever needs to be resolved inside.

I keep deciding to embrace my challenges. To feel & experience what ever comes. And! I also decide, every day, every moment, to stay open. Eyes, ears, heart … for the beauty surrounding me. For the love around and inside. For the light inside that keeps on shining, no matter how dark it seems to be. For everything life is giving to me, and to be grateful. For the joy.

A very helpful tool to move yourself back into the light whenever you struggle with darkness and challenges is conscious gratitude. To consciously focus on all the good things, inside and outside.

Next step is to also embrace and be grateful for those experiences initially feeling “bad”. To see that they are not bad but only meant to help you on your journey. From this perception life becomes much more light and joyful.

To help you – and me – to find and keep joy and lightness i’ll start a “gratitude challenge” on my Facebook page. Starting from today i will post a “Thank you” every day. For whatever there will be that day.

Are you with me? Leave me your comment, here and especially under the daily Facebook posts. Let me and the world know what you are grateful for today!

THANK you for reading. 馃檪

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Life is sweet … with this blueberry cream tart recipe

To celebrate life’s sweetness, or to help yourself at days you find it hard to find this sweetness and are in need for some sweet & healthy comfort, today i want to share this simple raw vegan recipe with you. Blueberry cream tarts. So easy to make and so yummy!

What you will need for two tarts

  • Crust: 1 handful almonds, 7-8 dates (deglet)
  • Filling: 1 handful raw cashews, 6-8 dates (deglet), both soaked over night (in separate bowls)
  • 1 handful fresh blueberries

How to prepare

Place the almonds in your blender, grind and add the dates (pitted). Process until dough. Be careful not to mix for too long as the mixture may become hot, depending on your blender or mixer. Form two crusts and put aside.

Rinse the soaked cashews and put them in your blender. Add the soaked dates with their water and process until you have a smooth cream. Spread the cream on the crusts, decorate with the blueberries and place in freezer for one or two hours.

The tarts can also be prepared one or two days in advance and stored in the freezer. If so, place them in your fridge one hour before serving.

Of course you can easily multiply the amounts to prepare more tarts at the same time.

Find more simple & yummy raw vegan recipes in my ebook – click here to find more information!

I am about to translate more of my popular recipes and also publish them for kindle so stay tuned.

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Happiness is a choice

Choose to be happy. Today. Every day, every moment. You can do this!

Regardless of any circumstances. It’s not the outer world that is responsible for your happiness. It’s only YOU!!! Not your partner, not your friends, not the weather, the neigbours, your account balance, your job, not the rules … none of the circumstances of your life.

Choose to be happy – and be it. Smile, thank, enjoy your life, be glad. And watch how you will attract people and situations to match your happy frequency.

Sounds awesome? It is! And that easy … well, not all of the time. But, like most things in life, it gets easier the more often you practice. Me, i choose it again and again. As long as i am in the flow, centered within myself, as long as at least some of the circumstances match my preferences, it is easy. The farer away i feel from this, the more challenging it is.

Right now, the circumstances i notice around me really do challenge me. And i observe myself being resistant. Fighting against it, senselessly. I don’t want to be here, in Germany. It is cold, weather was grey and rainy for more than a week; now it is becoming warmer, but skies are cloudy most of the time. Sun hidden in misty skies, who never ever appear as blue as they are meant to be. Everything here is really expensive. Landscape surrounding me is built up, farmed, regulated, ordered. I am missing nature, loneliness, warmth, silence. The people i meet here everyday have totally different priorities and ideas about life. Difficult, yet impossible, to understand each other. So much of what is important for them, i don’t care about at all. They cannot understand my freedom, my “unsecured” life style, my view of the world and of what life is about. I am feeling lonely here, i miss the loving exchange and sharing i experienced during the last months in Portugal. I feel like having left an essential part of myself there … .

It was my decision to come here. Maybe it was right, maybe wrong – senseless to think about this question. As i am here now. NOW. HERE. This moment is all i have. I can only be happy here and now. Daily work … worth doing!

I care for myself. Take the rest and time i need right now – more than usual. Stay mindful. Even if it sounds weird: i can be happy while experiencing difficult (“negative”) emotions. I don’t push them away. They are allowed to stay with me. They help me to learn and show me a lot of things.

I am here (at this place) for a reason; came to this place to support my daughter, and i am going to stay for a while. Relax my heart, be happy, be grateful. Have faith. Trust myself and life. Remember my love and embrace the resistance, the pain, the fear until i can let them go. I won’t stick to the thoughts and emotions, won’t drown in them. Let them be what they are – only this: thoughts, feelings. I am not my thoughts nor my feelings. I am the one watching them, feeling them, experiencing them. Human experience. That’s why i am here.

Do you want to be happy? I want to share with you two ways to help yourself in choosing happiness that work well for me:

  • Gratitude.
    Make yourself a list with all the things you are grateful for. Start with the little things. With all the small things you usually take for granted. Like your bed, your shower, your friendly neighbour, the food in your fridge, someone smiling to you, … Do this every day and watch how your life is changing.
  • Follow your joy!
    Do what makes you happy. For me, this could be going to the sea. Or into the forest. Writing a blog post about happiness. 馃檪 Or creating something beautiful, something edible. To share. Chocolate. 馃槈

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Impressions from my rawfood-caf茅

For i so much enjoy not only to prepare but mainly to share my work, my art, food art. So if you cannot come here in this moment you can now see what you are missing 馃槈 … rawfood-caf茅 at the market in Sao Luis and some lovely dishes i prepared here at my place. Which one would you like to try?

breakfast from fruit and wild greens

breakfast mandala

strawberries with cream … made from 100% fruit!

The recipe for the cream is available in german language “here! English version coming soon! (hopefully 馃槈 )

bestseller 馃檪


orange- & lemon tarts

sweet easter eggs

sugarfree snack: sprouted buckwheat with cacao nibs and stevia

sugarfree chocolate with stevia and buckwheat

Want to try?

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Rainbows on your plate

Each food can be connected to the energy of a chakra, on the basis of its color. Thus, it can energize, clear, strenghten, heal & balance the glands, organs and nerve centers connected to this chakra.

Red, orange & golden yellow nourish in particular the first three chakras: base chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra.

Green & blue nourish mainly the fourth and fifth chakra (heart chakra and throat chakra), while indigo, purple, white and golden care for the third eye and the crown chakra.

Strive for eating the whole spectrum of colors throughout each day and thereby nourish all your chakras on a daily basis.

If you feel especially attracted to food in certain colours, this might be due to your body’s actual needs. Which of your chakras needs to be strengthened in this moment? Of course, this only refers to natural food in its natural colour!

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Love & Peace Food: Raw Food Caf茅 in the Alentejo, Portugal

Oh yes, i love my life 馃檪 <3 ... Staying here in the Alentejo for less than three weeks, we feel like having been staying here for years. Lots of nature, lots of work, lots of time on the road & meeting people <3 ... and: spreading the message, bringing my Love & Peace Food to the world: from now on you will find delicicous raw vegan treats in the Casa Viva in Odemira (open from tuesday to friday). You will also find me at markets and other places around here … pass by and enjoy raw vegan treats like these:








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6 years of traveling & worldschooling

6 years ago, “my” two children and me left Hamburg, with bagpacks and suitcases into the unknown. Since then, we have been travelling Europe; visited 4 of the Canarian islands, Spain mainland, Portugal, France, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Gibraltar. Short visits and long stays … what an amazing way to live & to learn!
We saw so much beauty and wonder, had adventures, saw fantastic nature & met amazing people.
I love my life!

Self-care in everyday life

Whatever it is you do to make this world become a better and more loving place for all: don’t forget yourself, too! It is not enough to help others. You also have to care for yourself!

I believe that we are here to love, to heal, to share, to help. Without conditions, without holding back. There are as many ways to do this as there are people in this world. But what applies to all is that there must be something you can give. You can only give your love, yourself, when you know who and where you are. When you are grounded, centered, in your love, in your power.

Maybe you are like me sometimes: every now and then i forget to take enough care of myself. To be mindful and conscious in treating me and everything else. Especially in times of strong energies like all of us experienced them last year and in challenging life situations, when i need more love & time for myself as usually, this is what i actually miss out.

Not only for myself but for my loved ones, my surroundings, the world i live in, it is important that i take care for not burning out. I hereby vow for that … to myself and to all of you! To live self-care, mindfulness, healing and joy! And i want you to vow for this, too! It’s our love that makes this world a good place to live in, and it has to start with ourselves. How could you give love if you don’t love yourself? How could you care for anyone if you don’t care for yourself?

After six months that several times pushed me to my (emotional and mental) limits, this year’s challenging beginning showed me clearly that it’s urgent time to take intensive care of myself.

What i really could do with right now was a retreat. Staying with only myself and nature for some weeks. As i can not arrange this right now i decided to do a kind of retreat in my everyday live:

  • several small retreats, me-time, alone, preferably in nature;
  • sort and re-organize my everyday live’s priorities;
  • to choose consciously how i want to use my time and energy in every given moment: what i want to do and what i don’t want, because it steals too much from my energy or keeps me from doing what i really want to do.

I want to ground & center myself again, refind my balance and my power. Clear my energies and retune to my own frequency, a frequency of love & light & happiness. Refind myself, get to know me even better … and then restart in this world. Live my new and/or fine-tuned dreams and ideas. Yes! 馃檪

This is 2017; the beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new cycle … and these days, right at the beginning of the year, are especially important for new beginnings! My “step 1” to reach my goals, to realize my dreams, therefore is my project “radical self-care”.

I want to share this with you and invite you to join me! I want to motivate you to take good care of yourself – always, not only now. I hope my posts here will help you and inspire you to find solutions for yourself, to retreat, to recharge.

So what is it, i will emphasize on in these coming weeks (and hopefully continue afterwards)? In a nutshell: practice self-love. Care for myself, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I am highly sensitive and therefore need lots of time alone, for myself, anyway. To retreat from all those energies surrounding me and recharge myself. This need surely misses out most of the time in my everyday life with an unschooling child.

So no. 1 on my self-care-list is: enough alone time. Filled consciously and meaningful: with activities i love and/or conscious relaxation. Preferably out in nature. That’s how i started my project: with a mini-retreat at the sea, on full moon’s day. Several hours alone with myself, walking barefoot along the beach and in the dunes. Seawater and sand on my skin, feeling the world, connecting and grounding. Wide views over the horizon, giving room for the soul to grow.

I brought some impressions for you:

Kilometerlange Str盲nde, heller Sand :)

long beaches, white sand 馃檪

Am Strand von Pedr贸g茫o

at the beach of Pedr贸g茫o

Wundervolle D眉nen gibt es hier


Der Strand von Pedr贸g茫o

at the beach of Pedr贸g茫o

Der Strand von Pedr贸g茫o

at the beach of Pedr贸g茫o

Der Strand von Pedr贸g茫o

at the beach of Pedr贸g茫o

Auch hier gibt es Felsen


Atlantik & Felsen

atlantic and rocks

What else:

  • Take enough time for myself, for the things i love to do.
  • Focus on my love
  • Act consciously and mindful
  • Fill my abundant time with love, discipline and focus.

    Abundance in first instance means having enough time for self-care and for your life purpose! Make yourself, the finding of your answers und working on your visions a priority in your everyday life. It is at least as important as all your other obligations. Don’t forget: the most important person in your life is YOU, the most important relationship the one with yourself! So give yourself time. And love.

Are you with me? What do you do to recharge yourself, to take care for yourself?

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